Traditional telemarketing has become a part of the past, Let us inspire you through our modern lead management campaigns!

We enhance traditional telemarketing by making use of innovative solutions in order to offer you en entire service.

Lead Management

To us, the acquisition of new customers is a continuous process, which basically presumes a systematic lead management in order to build up valid appointment pipelines. We usually classify leads by using the BANT method. Further on we enrich them gradually with all essential information and re-evaluate them constantly (lead nurturing). Additionally we identify the corresponding departments and decision-making groups for you - approaching them on time with an appropriate storyboard. Due to a structured closed-loop process as well as up- & cross-selling campains we are saving your resources while optimizing your conversion rate.


But we go one step further!

We extend common telemarketing with innovative solutions...

...to offer you an entire service. Through the combination of market intelligence and our in-house data algorithm, we not only identify and evaluate your market potential, but also discover new customers and potentials for you.

Our pattern recognition analyzes existing leads by means of lead scoring and predicts further promising potential data sets for you. We also optimize the quality of your existing address and data pools.

We are familiar with the IT environment of your customers and up to date about the solution/infrastructure they make use of. This gives us the opportunity to gather exactly that type of customers you stated in your offer! In this manner, you can both boost the efficiency of your sales and reduce wastage.

Other services:
Social Media Campaigns

The sales landscape is changing.

With modern sales tools such as the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, we reach the right contacts for you and increase your success in remote selling. We offer new customer acquisition exclusively via LinkedIn, but also as a hybrid model together with our telemarketing services.